High-quality building parts, built off-site, for a faster, simpler and more sustainable construction

SF Assemble

SF AssembleĀ“s pioneering prefabrication, digital design, and manufacturing processes are set to bring a new benchmark in the construction industry. Our dedicated engineers and designers manufacture high-quality, fully customised facade, bathroom, kitchen, laundry and MEP modules using state-of-the-art prefabrication construction techniques.
Off-site construction, on-site assembly
Sf Assemble integrates with the construction sequence, finishing sub-assembly modules to completion off-site while on-site construction works progress. This significantly reduces project times, delivering exceptional value to our clients.
By removing multiple trades from the critical path of a construction project, our Assemble modules deliver a lower cost, better quality and more efficient installation that produces less waste and is more environmentally sustainable than traditional onsite construction.

SF Assembly modules





MEP multitrade racks

Assemble Philosophy

Unlike other modular products, Sf Assembly parts are custom made to match your specifications, and built to suit a wide range of finishes and equipment fittings. Our philosophy is centred around using lean manufacturing principles to bring multiple advantages to our clients.


Applying the upfront design and procurement of a manufacturing model to the construction process enables accurate costing of materials whilst significantly minimising variation and unexpected over-costs.
Our systems and products are produced in an industrial facility that is equipped with the latest technology and related specialty equipment. The level of precision achieved here surpasses those build with the conventional on-site construction methods, and of course, way faster.
Spacio Forma systems offers a more sustainable construction solution, utilising less carbon intensive materials and reducing waste on site, as well as reducing energy and water usage throughout the build process. The waste generated in our production facilities is recycled almost entirely.
Because our systems arrive to site finished, we eliminate the risk of falls and remove the need for work on scaffoldings, ladders and platforms, creating a safer environment for workers and the community alike.
Spacio Forma systems enables a parallel track construction programme, reducing construction time by up to 30% compared with traditional construction methods.

Suitable for a range of sectors, SF Assemble modules can be specified for residential, hotel, student accommodation, hospital, and aged care developments, making your large-scale construction processes easier.


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