SF Stack

SF Stack simplifies designing, procuring and building a house, hotel or residential multiunit building. Any sort of building designed for living is possible, all being assembled from the same simple selection of prefab building blocks. Unit dimensions have been based on standard measurements in order to optimise fabrication, transport and to keep waste to a minimum. The buildings get delivered on site with 3D volumetric modules 80-90% finished.
The process eliminates the traditional design stage of a construction project. Instead, the design is developed in simple steps through our digital platform. This method also allows for the prices to be fixed at an early stage of the process. Not only should construction time be significantly reduced, the finished product should require much less quality control, thanks to the majority of checks having already taken place in the factory.


Spacio Forma team of architects is there to help you plan your project in accordance with the development requirements and local regulations. After the planning stage, we will provide you with all visual and graphic material such as 3D images, 3D videos and plans to help you promote and sell your project.
Buildings are completed 50% -70% earlier, occupied sooner and create a faster return on investment.
The construction of our buildings takes place in our factory simultaneously with the foundation works, allowing projects to be completed earlier and mitigating possible weather delays. Sell or rent faster.

Thanks to our optimised construction process and the use of the latest technology in fabrication we are able to increase the speed, reduce costs and remove inefficiencies in the process.
This translates into MORE quality for LESS cost.

We deliver finished homes with no over costs or hidden costs. You know from an initial stage how much your buildings will cost.
By building almost entirely off-site, the total disruption of the project on the site gets reduce over 60%. Less traffic, less noise, less construction time.
Thanks to our industrialised construction methodology inside a controlled facility, we are able to monitor closely the different stages of the project, ensuring our clients that their projects will be delivered with a constant high level of quality.
Soyombo Tower
Soyombo Tower
R&E Facades
R&E Facades


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